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Welcome to Vita Nova at Newport Bay

Vita Nova at Newport Bay is a private, yet luxurious long-term detox and substance abuse rehabilitation center. Receive help and learn to beat addiction in a place offering comfort, luxury and privacy. Call Vita Nova your home for the next few months.

Great location? Check.
Detox and residential treatment? Check.
High staff-to-client ratio? Check.
Insurance accepted? Check.

If you’re truly struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, beating addiction on your own is a tall order. Even making it through detox without medical help is hard enough, not to mention it could threaten your life.

It’s time to put down your pride and accept help from a team that can get you clean and teach you how to walk an everlasting path of sobriety. Vita Nova at Newport Bay wants to show you (or your loved one) that there’s a better way to life than turning to substances for every occasion – good and bad. A sober lifestyle is within reach, but you’ve got to make that call first!

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Exclusive Program

Exclusive Detox and Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program

Vita Nova helps comfortably flush the harmful substances from your system, and then our expert care team shows you how to rebuild your life without the need for drugs or alcohol.

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Co-occurring Treatment

Treating Drug & Alcohol Addiction and Mental Health Conditions

Our treatment professionals are equipped to not only address all types of addiction (even prescription drug abuse), but they are also trained to treat mental health disorders.

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Luxury Facility

Luxury Rehab Facility Located Near the Coast

Our program is based in an exclusive six-bed facility with luxurious accommodations, including close proximity to the healing waters of the Pacific Ocean. We take insurance, too.

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