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Staying Engaged, Body and Mind

Stay engaged and relaxed with our entertainment options. Stimulate your mind with books, puzzles, and games, or unwind with a swim- a healthy balance for a successful recovery journey.

Drug Detox Should be As Comfortable as Possible

At Vita Nova Recovery, we prioritize your comfort during the detox process. Through personalized care, soothing environments, and support from compassionate staff, we ensure a comfortable journey to recovery.

Soothe your mind and body with warm, therapeutic waters, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.
Nutritious Meals
Nourish your recovery with healthy, delicious meals, carefully prepared to fuel your body and soul.
Digital Entertainment
Stay connected and entertained with modern TVs, streaming services, and internet access.
Outdoor Patio
Find peace and fresh air in our serene outdoor patio, perfect for reflection and connection.
Table-top Games
Engage your mind and socialize with friends through a variety of fun, interactive games.
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We invite you to contact the Vita Nova admissions team by filling out and submitting the form here. Our admissions counselors are ready to talk treatment options and to respond to any other inquires you may have.


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