Why is inpatient drug rehab so beneficial? Sometimes life gets away from us. We get caught up in the day-to-day. For some of us, it’s the stress of work, trauma, or previous issues. Each situation is different. Getting lost in the moment is part of life, but it’s how you plan to get your life back that once life that slipped away.

Substance abuse control your loved one, but taking the first step determines recovery.

Maybe you’re ready to rebuild the life you deserve. It’s scary doing it on your own. In a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment we are here so you have someone to turn to. Deciding on which inpatient drug rehab is the right for you or a loved one. We hope to point on some critical facts on choosing the right inpatient drug rehab and arm you with information and considerations.

Inpatient drug rehab

With our 30-day residential program at Vita Nova Newport, your journey to sobriety begins with your best foot forward. We are your reinforcements when addiction and temptation take hold.

Benefits of Inpatient Drug Rehab at Newport Bay

If you’re considering a form of inpatient drug rehab, you’re aware of the extent of the problem. Is it only natural to have countless questions firing around in your mind?

Is residential treatment right for you?

What can you expect once you arrive at the facility?

Let’s outline the inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program for you:

Detox Safely with Medical Support

Leading a life completely free of drug and alcohol dependence is undoubtedly possible. From here on out it’s remarkably challenging.

Detoxing from drugs is the first major hurdle you’ll face is overcoming the dependence you have developed, both physical and psychological.

Primary Advantages

One of the primary advantages of inpatient drug rehab at Newport Bay is starting your path to lifelong sobriety the right way with a complete and personalized detox. While everyone addicted to drugs needs to rid the body of toxins, one size certainly doesn’t fit all, so we tailor your detoxification accordingly.

With our medically-assisted detox, you can safely battle the initial stages of acute withdrawal with all the support you need in place and a team of medical experts in your corner. Experience the comfort of your own home without actually being there. The severity of withdrawal depends on the substance you have been abusing, and the degree of dependence, discontinuing use is almost sure to trigger withdrawal symptoms.

These symptoms often include but are not limited to:

  • Tremors
  • Sweating
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Panic and Anxiety
  • Hallucinations and Delusions
  • Restlessness
  • Muscle Aches
  • Exhaustion
  • Seizures

Trying to cope with these withdrawal symptoms outside a treatment center can be so painful that you end up relapsing before your recovery has even begun.

Medically Supervised Detox

With medical professionals on hand, you’ll have the best possible chance of safely eliminating toxins from your body. Detox can be the most painful lasting 5 to 7 days. Under close supervision, you’ll enjoy meals packed with nutrients along with any supplements or medication you need to bolster your body as the toxins leave your system. These tactics allow detoxification a bit more comfortable.

Any prescription medication is administered on a tapered schedule so you won’t be replacing one addiction with another or seeking a new high. Whether you need help mitigating acute withdrawal symptoms, relief from unmanageable anxiety or insomnia, or medication to treat possible seizures and to regulate blood pressure, this will give only if necessary and in a controlled setting. We understand how difficult it is to self-medicate at home with the temptation to abuse the very prescription drug.

Medical detox at Newport Bay gives a strong, solid foundation to start rebuilding your shattered life one block at a time. In the luxurious, beautiful environment, continue the process to a life free from mind and mood altering substances.

A Safe, Supportive, Serene Environment

Being comfortable in a private setting is essential during the early stages of recovery from detoxing and beyond. Staying at a home away from home, will arm you for battle as you fight addiction.

You probably want an environment with the benefits of home but with the added advantages of professional support and a feeling of total security. You’re used to the more beautiful things in life, and you don’t want to sacrifice those if you’re making the massive step of committing to recovery.

Well, you don’t need to make compromises.

The Location of Vita Nova Newport Beach

We chose the location of Vita Nova for its upscale vibe and proximity to the ocean. Privacy and comfort, as you would feel in your home. During your recovery, you’ll even be able to visit the beach and other neighborhood attractions.

Inside the facility, you’ll find serenity not stifling sterility. You’ll get the space you need to slowly re-enter a life without substances coursing through your system while feeling like you’re at home but without the pressures of being at home.

Common spaces are bright, airy and beautifully appointed. You can relax and eat in the surroundings to which you’re accustomed. The whole facility is designed to inspire contemplation and reflection.

All around you, you’ll have the support you need without feeling crowded. You’ll have the space to focus on the exciting path ahead as you embrace sobriety and return to the life you once enjoyed so thoroughly without substances clouding everything.

Throughout the 30-day residential program, you’ll come to think of Newport Bay as a home away from home. You’ll leave with memories of taking action and setting yourself up with the most potent possible tools to continue your journey through recovery. And you’ll have our full support every step of the way.

Structured Days With Personalized Treatment

Struggling with drug dependency, you might notice your life descending into a freeform void with absolutely no meaningful structure.

Struggling with substance abuse, it’s normal. With normal activities and possibly even work suffering, your addiction becomes all-consuming.

Remove the crutch of drugs, and you suddenly have an expanse of time without your usual method of filling that time. No pipe, no pills, no rolled-up bills. Just time, activities, and plenty of it.

So structure is integral to the residential recovery treatment you’ll get here at Newport Bay. You need something constructive to plug that gap, and you’ll find everything you need right on hand.

Professional Counseling

Professional counseling takes place on an individual basis and also in a group setting. That way, you’ll get the personalized treatment plan you need but with the additional benefit of support from others.

Educating yourself about addiction is invaluable as you start down the path to lifelong recovery. You won’t just learn skills, though. You’ll get the chance to put these skills into practice.

Time can seem like an enemy when you’re fighting against cravings, and even the chaos into which your life had descended can feel like a tempting alternative to numbing boredom. During the residential program, you’ll learn to see time as a friend again, something to be filled and enjoyed rather than frittered away.

If you’re initially resistant to structure, you’ll soon come to see why you need order back in your life. Don’t worry, though; you’ll get plenty of privacy as well.
Build A Solid Foundation For Long-Term Recovery
Once you’ve decided firmly to commit to recovery and you’ve successfully negotiated the withdrawal pains of detox, you’re already in the right place to build on that initial success.

Recovery is a journey, and you’ll be perfectly placed at Newport Bay to construct a robust framework so that the journey continues as smoothly as possible beyond the 30 days you’ll spend here.

Learn About The Addiction

Learning more about your addiction is a vital weapon to help you manage cravings when they inevitably appear. By becoming aware of what can trigger your cravings, you can assess how to avoid them. If you’re unable to do this, you’ll learn how better to manage them.

Exposure to support groups will demonstrate the importance of other people in your long-term recovery.

Without all the distractions of the outside world, you have the time to think clearly, perhaps for the first time in a long while.

Your body will become stronger as the toxins are eliminated, replaced with nutrients and flushed through with plenty of water. And proximity to the water will help you to feel more at peace and ready to step confidently out into the next phase of your journey. Listen to the therapeutic sound of the waves and fill your lungs with blasts of fresh air.

The residential program at Newport Beach is about far more than just 30 days.

Comprehensive, All-Round Care including Dual-Diagnosis

The holistic approach to your entire well-being you’ll find here at Newport Bay will help you deal with any other problems you’re experiencing head-on.

If you’re addicted to drugs, chances are you might also have been drinking to excess.

Abuse of illicit drugs also often leads to dependence on prescription drugs.

Beyond this, during your initial assessment, we can flag any pre-existing mental health conditions, whether depression or anxiety, bipolar or PTSD. With dual-diagnosis care, you can have all your needs dealt with. After all, depression can lead to abusing drugs, then abusing drugs worsens that depression in a self-feeding vicious cycle. We’ll make sure that the care you need is personalized so you’ll get the treatment you need not a boilerplate plan that might not be effective.

Care at Vita Nova Newport is summed up here:

  • Extends well beyond managing those early and acute withdrawal symptoms.
  • More than a team of medical and mental health professionals on hand.
  • Not only keeping you away from drugs in the early stages but focuses on keeping you clean for the long haul.

Protect Your Family and Focus Purely On Yourself

During recovery, from detox and beyond, you need to be selfish. You need to focus on yourself.

The problem is, trying to do that if you stay at home is often impractical.

If you have family around you, do you want them seeing you writhing around as withdrawal symptoms kick in?

Do you want the added pressure of trying to integrate with your family even while you’re feeling guilty about the pain you’ve put them through?

There’s no need for this at all. Just commit to a residential recovery program. Family members are likely the reason the individual is in recovery. They are about you and love you. Family members get the security they need by knowing you’re properly and expertly cared for. You get the peace of mind and space from everyday life you need to make your recovery an absolute priority without those feelings of guilt.

Also, while friends and family might be available most of the time, here at Newport Bay someone is available all the time. Few environments outside residential programs can offer truly around-the-clock care. And during those first tentative steps toward recovery, every minute counts, every minute is a potential flashpoint if you don’t have the support you need in place.

Removal of All Negative Influences

It goes unsaid you’ll have no access to drugs or alcohol at Newport Beach.

Imagine if you were still at home, though…

Environment plays a huge role in addiction, and by temporarily leaving behind the people and places you associate with drug taking, you can hit reset and operate from a blank canvas.

Trying to stop abusing drugs at home can be fraught with difficulties. It’s not impossible, but it’s hard. Very hard.

Maybe you tried deleting numbers from your cellphone, but a message suddenly pops up from an old acquaintance looking to get up to no good.

Perhaps you’re out in the yard trying to get some normalcy, and a car rolls down the street that instantly reminds you of your connect and starts those synapses firing.

When you commit to a residential program at Newport Bay, you’ll be able to shed these negative influences just by stepping through the doors. They say a change is as good as a rest, and you’ll get both here at our luxurious facility.

Move forward while feeling a weight lifted as you leave those toxic influences behind you.

A Sense of Community Without Sacrificing Privacy

Trying to recover alone in a vacuum can make you feel isolated and that nobody at all has any understanding of exactly what you’re going through as you make the brave move toward embracing sobriety.

You’ll get the precise opposite here at Newport Bay.

Our committed team are all here to help you not judge you. Each and every one of them understands in depth just what it’s like to be experiencing withdrawal from drugs and you won’t need those feelings of guilt about bothering loved ones.

The other residents have an even greater understanding from a personal standpoint. They are simultaneously undergoing the same feelings as you are enabling you to draw strength that you’re not alone.

Feelings of loneliness also tend to surge up when you’re starting a new path full of uncertainty. What will you do with your time? Do you need to find new friends? The small community you’ll find at Newport Bay gives you the support you need without too many people to overwhelm you.

You’ll be able to combine the benefits of group counseling with the personalized approach of one-to-one sessions.

You’ll have people who understand on tap, but the precious time alone you also need to reflect and ponder your route to long-term recovery.

Whether you thrive on being around others or you’re an intensely private person, you can get all the support you need in complete comfort.

Recalibrate Your Life and Create New Habits

During the residential program at Newport Bay, you’ll have the opportunity to get your life back on track with healthy habits replacing harmful and toxic ones.

All the food you’ll eat here is packed with nutrients so your body can start to recalibrate.

By forming new and constructive habits, from the routine of meetings to rediscovering the things you already love doing, you’ll increase your chances of long-term success.

And here at Vita Nova, it’s all about the long-term.

Soon, rather than panicking about how you’ll fill what first seemed like a gaping void, you’ll wonder how you can fit everything you want to do into any given day.

What To Do Next

Get in touch if you want more information about our residential program. If you’re serious about leaving drugs behind you and reclaiming the life you deserve, you’ll be in perfectly safe hands to start that long and challenging journey confident of success.

We are one of the very few high-end programs to accept insurance, and we also have a range of payment plans, so you don’t need to feel that the luxury and professional help you want is out of reach.

Contact us today.